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Xanthophobia (from Greek xanthos, "yellow") is fear of the color yellow. In China the color yellow was feared, specifically receiving the yellow scarf, which was an imperial order to commit suicide.

The common cause of this phobia is traumatic experiences involving the color yellow, like getting stung by a bee or even getting hit by a yellow car or school bus. In consequence, yellow reminds xanthophobes about pain and in the unconscious level reminds them about the loss of life. When xanthophobes encounter something yellow (like daffodils, gold, and Yellow Pages), they may immediately close their eyes or panic in anxiety, depending on the severity. For severe sufferers, even seeing or hearing the word yellow can cause fright. Sufferers would not eat cheese, mustard, lemonade, bananas, egg yolk, and anything that is yellow. They may also close their eyes and hold their breaths when urinating.

Color phobias
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