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Trypophobia (from Greek trypa, "hole") is the fear of holes. People would fear either looking at holes or falling through one. People may have fell through a hole, leading them to develop trypophobia, but the fear of just looking at holes is not a learned phobia. Sufferers would avoid looking at holes in things like a honeycomb as well as watching for holes in the ground as they walk, while some may fear that the ground could collapse to make a hole. Sufferers may think holes in objects and ground are often unpleasant to look as well as believing that little organisms lurk in these holes and could emerge from these.

Trypophobes may dread or flee in panic upon seeing holes, along with symptoms like heart palpations, breathlessness, parched mouth, trembling, and sensing impending disaster. Trypophobia is often treated through exposure therapy as well as psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and relaxation stragedies.

The term is believed to have been coined by a participant in an online forum in 2005.

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