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Tristophobia (from Latin tristis, "sad"), also known as maestophobia (from Latin maestus, "sad") is the fear of sorrow and sadness. Tristophobia is also a fear of related emotions, such as grief, distress, despair, and disappointment. Since these are negative emotions, they are prime triggers of tristophobia. Sufferers would live a good quality life while not get into bad times that can cause sorrow or sadness to them. Some would constantly check every family member to make sure they don't die, meaning they don't want them to leave home unless if they go together. When being with them, they would be very kind to them and not do anything that may cause injury or pain to them.

The symptoms of tristophobia includes anxiety, panic attacks, rapid breathing, breathlessness, heart palpations, fatigue, excessive thoughts, and feeling detached from reality. Tristophobia can be treated using variety of methods including hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy, and medications.

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