Toasterphobia is the fear of toasters, and it is more common with jews because it relates to the common gas chamber.


If you see a toaster, and are afraid of the toaster, you might have Toasterphobia. 

To sooth the effects of Toasterphobia it is helpful to view the entire script The Bee Movie for your help I have given you a link to the entire bee movie script at

Although Toasterphobia may seem stupid, it's actually very deadly. Imagine walking into a house and seeing a toaster, then being scared and running out of the house. You would get bullied, and when you get bullied you get sad, when you get sad you get depressed, when you get depressed you kill yourself. Don't kill yourself switch to Direct TV.

Toasterphobia may also be a sign of brain cancer and a sign that you need a life. A life tip said by Mario "All toasters toast toast!".

is this sht for real like wtf ew

Remember Hamilton fans, always give a toast to the groom.