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Stars in the outer space

Siderophobia (from Latin sīdus, "star, constellation") is the fear of stars. It is a very rare and peculiar phobia. Individuals may want to avoid venturing outside at night while staying indoors with all the window curtains shut when it gets dark. If anyone who suffers siderophobia sees stars, they may faint, lose control of their mind, feel nauseas, sweat, tremble, lose breath, increase heart rate, and suffer panic attacks.

Space phobias
Alienophobia (fear of aliens) · Cometophobia (fear of comets) · Cosmophobia (fear of the cosmos) · Heliophobia (fear of the sun) · Kosmikophobia (fear of cosmic phenomenon) · Melanoheliophobia (fear of black holes) · Meteorophobia (fear of meteors) · Selenophobia (fear of the moon) · Siderophobia (fear of stars) · Spacephobia (fear of outer space)

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