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Giant Jellyfish

Scyphophobia (from scyphozoa, scientific name for jellyfish, from Greek skyphos, denoting a kind of drinking cup and alluding to the cup shape of the organism), or cnidarophobia (from cnidaria, phylum that includes jellyfish, from knide, Greek for "nettle") is the fear of jellyfish. Scyphophobia is a part of thalassophobia, fear of sea creatures. Cnidarophobes would worry that he/she may get seriously stung by a sea creature, specifically jellyfish, while in the water. They would avoid swimming in the ocean or any body of water. Cnidarophobia is more common for people who live near the coasts. Scyphophobia is commonly triggered from being stung by a jellyfish, a family member or a friend getting stung by it, or hearing about somebody getting stung by it through media.