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Scoleciphobia (from Greek skolex, "worm", "maggot", or "grub"), also known as vermiphobia (from Latin vermi, "worm") and helminthophobia (from Greek helmins, "worm"), is the fear of worms, especially parasitic worms. This phobia might include related organisms like caterpillars, maggots, grubs, tapeworms, etc. Sufferers may be afraid that it may get contaminated or infected by worms, or even practical jokes that involve worm-like objects.

When sufferer confronts a worm, they may perspire, feel slightly uncomfortable or become nauseated, while more severe sufferers would have intense anxiety or full-blown panic attack. Vermiphobia can be treated using a variety of methods, such as exposure therapy and talk therapy. Exposure therapy involves having suffer show pictures of worms then present to them live worm on therapist's hand, then the gradually let the worm roam on patient's hand. Talk therapy involves that non-parasitic worms aren't considered harmful.