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Prasinophobia (from the Greek word prasinos, meaning "green", and phobos, "fear"), referred exclusively as chlorophobia (from the Greek word chloros, meaning "yellow-green"), is fear of the color green. This fear is often associated with the fear of vegetation (germinatophobia). The fear may come about due to traumatic experiences involving the color green or vegetation, like getting cut by a poison ivy or dealing with unwanted plants like algae in the swimming pool, weeds or vines.

Prasinophobic sufferers would avoid seeing or encountering grass, trees, and other things that are green. They would avoid eating green-colored foods like peas, pickles, asparagus, broccoli, and lettuce. Very severe sufferers of prasinophobia may force someone to kill all the vegetation around their lawn by killing grass using weedkiller, chopping down trees, and pulling up bushes. Homeowners of prasinophobic people would have a tiny lawn while the patio covering nearly all of their backyard. Prasinophobics would want to stay home at all times. Sufferers would not celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as not having green-colored items like green clothing. They would not have Christmas trees, wreaths, and other green-colored decorations up during the holiday season.

Prasinophobia is often treated using exposure therapy, which involves patients to repeatedly look at the color green under the guidance of a therapist until s/he don't get scared by it. This therapy starts with a tiny green dot then slowly working the way up until much of the scenery is filled in green such as the room with green walls. Prasinophobia can further be treated using behavioral therapy which removes the fear from one's mind.

Color phobias
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