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Persicophobia (from Latin persicus, "peach") is fear of the color peach. Persicophobia is suffered by a variety of factors involving the color peach, like seeing naked people too frequently, smelling people unpleasantly too much, or in case of black people, getting injured or attacked by white people. Mild sufferers can encounter light-skinned people with clothes covering much of the body, while severe sufferers would want to stay away from those people at all times. If the severe sufferer is white, he/she would either cover all of the body, including the hand and face, or paint the whole body in different colors.

It is a rare phobia, but persicophobia is more commonly suffered by blacks than by whites by a factor of approximately 1.4.

Color phobias
Erythrophobia (fear of red) · Cyanophobia (fear of blue) · Xanthophobia (fear of yellow) · Prasinophobia (fear of green) · Chrysophobia (fear of orange) · Porphyrophobia (fear of purple) · Rhodophobia (fear of pink) · Kastanophobia (fear of brown) · Persicophobia (fear of peach) · Glaucophobia (fear of gray) · Melanophobia (fear of black) · Leukophobia (fear of white)

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