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Happy Saint Patricks Day

Patricophobia is the fear of St. Patrick's. This phobia is most commonly and severely affected by Irish people and would be most dreadful when it is March. Some patricophobes may lead to the fear of color green (prasinophobia). Many sufferers of this phobia believe that leprechauns may attack them, which means they would stay inside their residence while leaving all the outside doors locked at all times. They would avoid celebrating St. Patrick's or even getting near Irish people.

Holiday phobias
Christougenniatikophobia (fear of Christmas) · Gratiarophobia (fear of Thanksgiving) · Libertatophobia (fear of Independence Day) · Neoannophobia (fear of New Year) · Paschaphobia (fear of Easter) · Patricophobia (fear of St. Patrick's) · Samhainophobia (fear of Halloween) · Valentinophobia (fear of Valentine's)

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