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Metallophobia is the fear of metal objects, especially sharp metal objects. The cause of the fear include obsession, disasters involving metals such as 9/11, and a small incident like stepping on a rake or poked by a nail. Sufferers may not avoid metal since they know that civilization would not exist without metals. For example, they may use things with metal components in it, like a toaster, but with plastic covering.

Metallophobes may suffer from a variety of symptoms, including breathlessness, trembling, dizziness, crying, panic attacks, and social anxiety.


Aurophobia is the fear of gold. Sufferers of aurophobia will avoid seeing or touching things made of gold, such as jewelry.


Argyrophobia, or argentophobia, is the fear of silver. Argyrophobia sufferers would avoid using silverware, silver cutlery and other silver objects.

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