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Glaucophobia (from Latin glauco, "gray") is fear of the color gray. This color phobia is often caused by experiences during the storm, since storm clouds are gray, and by simply growing old to have gray hair. So glaucophobics would avoid be in that trigger and other objects that are gray.

Glaucophobia is most commonly suffered by the elderly than any other age groups.

Color phobias
Erythrophobia (fear of red) · Cyanophobia (fear of blue) · Xanthophobia (fear of yellow) · Prasinophobia (fear of green) · Chrysophobia (fear of orange) · Porphyrophobia (fear of purple) · Rhodophobia (fear of pink) · Kastanophobia (fear of brown) · Persicophobia (fear of peach) · Glaucophobia (fear of gray) · Melanophobia (fear of black) · Leukophobia (fear of white)

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