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Gerascophobia (from Greek geraso, meaning "I am getting old") is the fear of getting old or aging. People fear growing older mainly because they are getting closer to their demise. For some who fear growing old, they might have heard horror stories about the nursing home and fear that they will also be put in one of those homes when they grow old. For others, the thought of losing one's self-control such as not able to dress and feed oneself may be the triggering factor for this fear. Others also fear that when they grow old, they will be left alone by their family. Or some may fear that they will get sick when they grow old and will be left alone to die without family members to take care of them.

Sufferers can have following symptoms — thoughts of dying, depression, fainting, inability to think or express oneself clearly, shaking and shivering, palpations and rapid breathing.

Gerascophobia can be treated using a variety of methods, like exposure therapy, energy therapy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and medications.

Gerascophobia is closely related to gerontophobia, fear of the elderly.

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