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Erythrophobia (from Greek erythros, "red") (also known as erytophobia or ereuthophobia) is fear of the color red. This color phobia is common because red is the symbolic color of danger, bad, or embarrassment. It is also the fear of blushing, due to embarrassment. Suffers of erythrophobia may also suffer from hemophobia since red is the color of blood.

Erythrophobes may avoid encountering red things, especially not choosing to have a red car or red clothes. They would avoid using red pen, crayon, marker, or paint. They may also avoid eating red-colored foods, like cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, and ketchup. While driving, sufferers may fear the stop signs or red light.

Color phobias
Erythrophobia (fear of red) · Cyanophobia (fear of blue) · Xanthophobia (fear of yellow) · Prasinophobia (fear of green) · Chrysophobia (fear of orange) · Porphyrophobia (fear of purple) · Rhodophobia (fear of pink) · Kastanophobia (fear of brown) · Persicophobia (fear of peach) · Glaucophobia (fear of gray) · Melanophobia (fear of black) · Leukophobia (fear of white)

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