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Erratophobia or errophobia (from Latin errat, erro, meaning "mistake") is the fear of making mistakes. Although everyone make mistakes, not everyone have the fear of making mistakes. For the remaining minority, they would do hard to avoid making mistakes. Erratophobes would not feel worry if they don't do anything, especially work or play where it involves skills. Sufferers making a mistake may not just upset them, but s/he may feel extremely anxious, dread, or panic with accompanying symptoms like nauseas, heart palpations, breathlessness, rapid breathing, trembling, shaking, feeling a loss of control, and feeling of impending disaster, depending upon an individual. The phobia is triggered most commonly due to a mistake that had a devastating consequences on them, like a mistake that caused injury, death, or destruction. Erratophobia is commonly treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy, or for severe sufferers, medication.

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