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Eikosihexaphobia (from Greek eikosi, "twenty", and hexa, "six") is the fear of the number 26. This fear of number may be logical because 26 is obtained by doubling the unlucky number 13, therefore doubling the potential for bad luck. But the main origin for the fear of 26 is that numerous deadly disasters take place on the 26th of the month. One Twitter user said in regards to the unfortunate events taking place on the 26th, "Number 26 has a bad history, majority of the bad and sad incidents in World happened on this date. 26? Unlucky for? #MysteriousNumber". In conclusion, date number 26, not 13, is the unlucky date.

The most infamous disaster that took place on the 26th is the Indian Ocean tsunami on 26 December 2004, claiming 228,000 lives. There were several earthquakes that killed tens of thousands of people on the 26th, such as Kansu, China earthquake on 26 December 1932 and Bam, Iran earthquake on 26 December 2003. Also one of the most infamous volcanic eruptions occurred on the 26th; Krakatau erupted on 26 August 1883, resulting in 36,000 deaths.

Two disasters struck Mumbai on the 26th. First, the Mumbai floods claimed 5,000 lives on 26 July 2005. Over three years later, Mumbai attacks occurred on 26 November 2008, resulting in 166 deaths.

The frequency of disasters and tragedies occurring on the 26th would lead to fear of disasters and death when the date is or approaching the 26th of the month. So sufferers on the 26th would take cover all day while praying to God. Some may also fear hearing news about disasters occurring on the 26th.

Number phobias
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