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Dracophobia (from Latin draco meaning "dragon") is the fear of dragons. In myth and popular culture, dragons breathe fire, which is the scariest thing about the dragons. People most commonly suffer this phobia when they see fire-breathing creature on movies,and anime such as Pokémon or by learning about it for the first time. Although fire-breathing dragons don't exist in real life, people (especially young children) are afraid of dragons in real life, so dracophobes would try to stay in the building at all times while staying close to the parents or older siblings, until they grow up and believe more that such dragons don't exist. The sufferers have the greatest fear when they head to and from school.

Phobias of legendary beings
Alienophobia (fear of aliens) · Angelophobia (fear of angels) · Bogyphobia (fear of bogeymen) · Demonophobia (fear of demons) · Dracophobia (fear of dragons) · Kinemortophobia (fear of zombies) · Kryptophobia (fear of cryptids) · Lupophobia (fear of werewolves) · Phasmophobia (fear of ghosts) · Pneumatiphobia (fear of spirits) · Sanguivoriphobia (fear of vampires) · Satanophobia (fear of Satan) · Serenephobia (fear of mermaids) · Skelephobia (fear of skeletons) · Teraphobia (fear of monsters) · Wiccaphobia (fear of witches) · Zeusophobia (fear of God)

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