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Dinosaur in Jurassic Park

Deinophobia (from the Greek deinos, meaning "fearfully great or terrible" as to dinosaurs) is the fear of dinosaurs. It is usually suffered by young children who believe that dinosaurs exist after first learning about it.

Person who fear dinosaurs would typically feel very worried and spend majority of times hiding, and so, would not participate in normal daily routines. Other symptoms experienced by deinophobes include numbness, fast heartbeat, rapid breathing, stomach flu, fearing death, and having terrible nightmares about dinosaurs eating or attacking them.

The first method in treating deinophobia is to present and give them toy dinosaurs or watch dinosaur cartoons (like Barney & Friends) and tell that they're not scary as it seems. The phobia can also be treated by telling sufferers that dinosaurs were extinct millions of years ago, but this doesn't always work as some sufferers believe that the assistance may be lying. If this treatment method doesn't work, sufferers should contact psychological and behavioral therapists.

In addition to young children, adolescents and even adults may also suffer deinophobia, many were triggered by watching Jurassic Park films or learning conspiracy theories that dinosaurs may still exist now, even though scientists accept that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

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