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Cyanophobia (from Greek kyanos, "dark blue") is fear of the color blue. Cyanophobic sufferers may panic often because it is difficult for sufferers to avoid encountering things that are blue with their eyes since blue is commonly seen in reality, e.g. water, sky. To avoid panic, sufferers may want to wear red- or orange-tinted glasses. Cyanophobic sufferers would not own anything blue, like jeans. Extreme sufferers may panic so violently that it would draw blood.

Color phobias
Erythrophobia (fear of red) · Cyanophobia (fear of blue) · Xanthophobia (fear of yellow) · Prasinophobia (fear of green) · Chrysophobia (fear of orange) · Porphyrophobia (fear of purple) · Rhodophobia (fear of pink) · Kastanophobia (fear of brown) · Persicophobia (fear of peach) · Glaucophobia (fear of gray) · Melanophobia (fear of black) · Leukophobia (fear of white)

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