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Chrysophobia (from Greek chrysos, "golden yellow") is fear of the color orange. This fear often come about due to negative experiences involving the color orange, such as spilling orange juice onto their laptop. Sufferers would avoid seeing things that are orange, otherwise they may panic. Most chrysophobics would avoid being exposed to artificial lighting, so they tend to sleep the whole time when sun is down, while avoiding looking at the setting or rising sun.

Chrysophobia affects approximately 250,000 Americans.

Color phobias
Erythrophobia (fear of red) · Cyanophobia (fear of blue) · Xanthophobia (fear of yellow) · Prasinophobia (fear of green) · Chrysophobia (fear of orange) · Porphyrophobia (fear of purple) · Rhodophobia (fear of pink) · Kastanophobia (fear of brown) · Persicophobia (fear of peach) · Glaucophobia (fear of gray) · Melanophobia (fear of black) · Leukophobia (fear of white)

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