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Allodoxaphobia (from Greek allo, "different", and dox, "opinion") is the fear of opinions. It is a rare social phobia. It is the main fear of Social Justice Warriors. Those sufferers are associated with some environment or post where they feel set back or where their opinion is not accounted or does not seem to matter at all. Allodoxaphobia is often seen in individuals when they are involved in some discussion and another person starts putting in their opinions, leading them to fear confrontation and arguments. As a result, sufferers would avoid getting into conversations nor not participate in any activity.

If an allodoxaphobe hears someone's opinions, he/she may result in the symptoms, including nausea, fast heartbeat, rapid and shallow breathing, and angriness. Treatments for this condition may include gaining the confidence of the patient by slowly involving them in small self-opinionated discussions. It can also be professionally treated, such as medications, hypnotherapy, counseling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and psychotherapy.

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  • Doxophobia – fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise

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