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Alienophobia is the fear of aliens. Sufferers may worry that woeful aliens could invade Earth and wipe us out. Alienophobes would often fear alleged UFOs and getting abducted by aliens.

It is most commonly triggered by watching sci-fi films,and sci-fi cartoons such as Invader Zim portraying extraterrestrials battling with humans. Sufferers of alienophobia would avoid watching sci-fi films and even reading about space. Severe alienophobia sufferers would hide all the time alone and away from groups of people, like in the closets or even in a box. Symptoms of alienophobia includes rapid heartrate, excessive worries, parched mouth, death anxiety, terrible nightmares, and feeling being trapped.

It is treated using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), talk therapy, support groups, and for severe sufferers, anti-anxiety medications.

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